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Eagle Marsh

This is one spot I’m certain we will post about often.  It’s a few minutes from our apartment and it provides a wonderful habitat for birds, mammals and amphibians.  There’s over 200 different bird species living on the 700+ acres of land!  I love bird watching, so this is one of the main attractions for us.  The Little River Wetlands Project provides 8 miles of trails that allows hikers to walk through the various habitats.  Today was the first day we walked back to the Red Barn and we didn’t make it very far past that, but we made it far enough to see some cool things.

Here’s our checklist for the day:

  1. Song Sparrow
  2. Red-winged Blackbirds
  3. Tree Swallows
  4. Canadian Geese
  5. Canadian Goose Egg – freshly laid
  6. Empty egg shell – small and blue
  7. 2 very large fish carcasses
  8. Skeletal remains of a deer pelvis
Environmental Plate
Environmental Plate

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