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Birds have been watching me!  Below you will find a sample of the ones I was able to capture with my phone or camera.   The proof is undeniable.

american coot

american robin

bald eagle

baltimore oriole

barred owl

blue jay


canada goose

carolina wren

common grackle

cooper's hawk

dark-eyed junco

domestic duck

downy woodpecker

eastern bluebird

eastern phoebe

gray catbird

great egret

green heron

house finch

house sparrow

house wren


lark sparrow

mallard duck

mourning dove

muscovy duck

mute swan

northern cardinal

oak titmouse

pilgrim gander

red-tailed hawk

ross's goose

ruddy turnstone

scaled quail

song sparrow

spotted twohee

summer tanager

toulouse goose

tree swallow

tufted titmouse

turkey vulture

virginia rail

western gull

western tanager

white ibis

wild turkey