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Chad Smith

We are the Smith’s!  We met in 1999 and have been together ever since. I grew up in Indiana and spent a lot of time daydreaming and playing in the yard. Chad hails from Northern California and was always on an adventure. We’ve taken those childhood traits and experiences with us into adulthood. Now we find ourselves wanting to venture out on the open road a lot!

Pamela Smith

Most of you already know that we spent our first 13 years togethe in California with our two daughters, Lex and Jes. After both girls were out of high school we made a big life change and moved us all to Indiana. We’re closer to my family now and the cost of living is more reasonable…but we still have friends and family on the west coast. This means a lot of travelling for us. Luckily, we were both bitten by the travel bug AND we can withstand each other for long periods of time! We were destined to travel!

We have driven across the US a few times and have always loved being on the road, but most of those times we were on a deadline or low on funds.  Our trips ended up being a mad dash for the finish line. We’re hoping, with fingers crossed, that will change.

This site is dedicated to our adventures, big and small.  For friends, family and our failing memories!