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Green Light

We have to start somewhere, so here goes!

Almost all of the visitors to this site know our history and what we do.  We travel through the states in order to see some of our favorite people…when we get the chance.  We have family, friends and colleagues in Indiana, California, Ohio, North Carolina and all over the country.  It’s fair to say that we don’t get to spend as much time with everyone as we’d like.  When we’re home, currently Fort Wayne-Indiana, we end up being hermits.  We spend time working from home and playing around on the Internet.  Our girls occupy our time as well, although, they are getting to the age where they do their own thing.  I can’t say that we are the most active people, but our life is comfortable and I have no regrets or complaints.  Our easy-going lifestyle may be the reason we do so well at traveling together.  We’re already used to being in close proximity to one another, so driving cross-country in a car isn’t a far stretch for us.

Okay, so Chad is the most easy going person I know.  We’re actually both that way.  We don’t usually have a preference about dinner.  In fact, we usually fight about who has to make the final decision.  I usually use the, “you’re the one driving, you pick”, argument.  That’s about as far as our confrontations go.  I like to think we’re mild mannered and compliment each other well.  I think this is a great mixture when going on the road!

We have driven from Indiana to California, and vice-versa, about 5 times?  The first couple of times were non-stop drives.  We were always tight on funds and decided to drive through the night.  I would like to take credit for this, but it’s all THE CHAD.  He, in his younger years, would be able to drive the whole way without sleeping.  This came in handy when our pockets were void of the green!  But now…

…Now we have a plan.  Our goal is to buy a camper and do our traveling.  Stopping at any available rest area to catch some sleep.  You could say that boondocking is our dream.  We’ve done the research and we just need to save and push our plan into motion.  We have wonderful friends and family, and they have enabled us to do so much more than we were originally capable.  We stayed with my mom for a few months when we moved to Indiana from California.  This helped get our daughters squared away.  And our best friends in California gave us their spare car.  This helped us get the girls to work, to get us out of the house and gave us time to get our truck, DORF,  ready for the road.

So, we are currently mending the truck, which should be done in a week and we’re planning to get a camper or teardrop by the summer.

Save, save, save!

That’s my mantra.  Hopefully in the next few posts I will have a handsome, vintage camper to show you all!!  I pray that I’ve given you a little insight into what our goals are.  If not here’s the rundown:





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